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Sin and Accountability in the 21st Century- Part2: Accountability Resources

Just as the modern era has presented us with new challenges in over coming the sin in our lives, so to are there new alternatives and ways for us to grow stronger in our faith and to overcome the temptations of sin. Whether you are dealing with a pornography issue, work place ethics, or simply a matter of putting your heart and mind on the path of righteousness the key is accountability.

Accountability is simply holding you accountable for your actions by bringing them to light to others. A variety of ministries and companies have understood the unique problems that we face in the technological age and have developed an array of tools and resources to help us in protecting our homes and dealing with the often difficult struggle against sin. Through the use of accountability partners and software that can help you use modern technology more responsibly, safe guard your children and your family against the problems associated with the internet, and help you to become more aware of your own activities so that you can make positive, constructive changes.

How Do Accountability Programs Work?:

Accountability programs work by monitoring your activity and alerting your accountability partner of potential problems. Accountability software will send a report of the sites visited on the computer in question and will send an alert if the user tries to disable or bypass the software. Not only does this help the accountability partner or admin to monitor computer usage, it also gives the user an understanding that they are accountable to others and to God for their activities. This type of accountability and lack of secrecy is essential for curbing behavior and helping those with an addiction to gambling or pornography.

Here is a great resource list for both free and paid accountability software and other tools to help you break free from the sin that is in your life

Covenant Eyes: One of the leaders in accountability software and is perfect for churches, organizations, and personal use for a low monthly fee.


x3Watch: This is a free accountability program that is easy to use. They also offer a filter at a reasonable cost to help you in blocking harmful content.


Pure Warrior: A ministry dedicated to helping men overcome sexual immorality and porn addictions. Http://


Accountable 2You: A free service offering programs and services for computer and internet accountability.


Christianity Online: This site also provides a content filter to help keep offensive material off of your computer and to block its access when surfing the web.


Accountability Is Not Enough:


In addition to taken steps to secure your computer and internet use, do not neglect the power of prayer and your relationship with God. A few things you can try to keep you on track in addition to accountability are keeping your Bible beside you at all times, when you start feeling possible temptation, grab it and read a few verses and gain strength from the word of God. You can also play music that is inspirational and reminds you of your walk with God, keep your computer in a public setting or out in the open where family members can see what you are doing and never take your computer or mobile device into a private place. Lastly, do not be afraid to seek help or the aid of a counselor if you are struggling with an addiction. The internet and other technologies can enhance our life and open up many doors for us, and with due diligence and commitment to God we can make sure that it does not also open up a door to let sin into our lives.