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Should Christians Watch TV? Part 2: Would Jesus Watch It?

Now that we have taken a look at whether or not Christians should watch mainstream television (see Should Christians Watch Television? Part 1: Mainstream Programming) we will now consider another important question:what about “Family” or Christian programming? There are two issues to consider here, first of all just because something is labeled as “Family” programming does not mean that it really is espousing wholesome, Christian family values. Consider for example “The Great Mouse Detective” which was pushed as a family movie for little kids; however has a bar scene in it with alcohol, smoking, and a stripper on stage singing her pitch as a prostitute and also includes political assassination plots and an elaborate attempted murder scene among other things. Not exactly what we would consider “kid friendly” to despite how it was labeled. Now, as far as actual Christian programming or what would otherwise be considered “safe” shows. The problem here is that even if you do find truly wholesome or edifying programming, you have no control over the commercial ads that run during the programming which often show women dressed inappropriately, advertise violent scenes from other programs, etc. And so, even with Christian programming you can not control what you may still be exposing yourself and your family to. Now, that does not fault some ministries with programming on mainstream stations because this may reach out to many people who have never been taught about the Bible or heard the message of God and for those it can be a great tool of evangelism. However, for the Christian we should guard our homes as sanctuaries of a Godly life and not allow any influences that may otherwise lead us away from the truth because we live in a wicked world which is not of God as the scriptures tell us in 1 John: And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness. 1 John 5:19 Understanding the problems that television poses for the Christian family, some networks have attempted to build services or programming that uplift Christian values. Sky Angel TV, for example, is a wonderful service that offers a cable service available anywhere that you can get high speed internet. They offer only Christian and Family programming stations on their service. While this is certainly to be applauded and is something that may be used in many homes, it must be considered very thoughtfully with the same word of warning about the advertising on the secular side of the programming. It would be better to purchase ONLY Christian programming, such as the Sky Angel service so that you are not bringing in any uninvited guests through your television if you choose to have any service at all. Whenever you consider any decisions about this, simply ask yourself if what you are watching, and paying for is something that God would want your money going to and do you think Jesus would watch it? If not...then...why would you?